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As a digital marketer experienced in SaaS Marketing, here are our hacks for top-notch Digital Marketing Strategies for SaaS businesses in 2019:

  1. Branding: Often SaaS business owners underestimate the importance of brand building during the initial stages. It plays a crucial role especially when users are going to decide between choosing you versus your competitors’ products. It also helps to reduce churn rates and bounce rates as people will get a sense of being part of a community or brand. Find influencers in your field and identify opportunities to work with them. Guest Blogging is an effective way to start as there is a dearth of quality content and it helps you build your brand. If you can’t generate quality content, this hack is not for you.
  2. E-mail Marketing: Even though it’s one of the oldest techniques, it still has the highest ROI. But don’t do mass emails. Build your own lists. There are various techniques and tools that are free in the market that will help you build your lists. Use them and target these lists with customized content and proposition. Power of email marketing will unveil itself.
  3. Consumer Journey: Is your website optimized for consumer journey? Mostly yes right? (If not, keep everything aside and work on it. A/B testing and heat-maps will do the trick for you.) But check if your SaaS product is optimized for the consumer journey as well. Because of the Freemium model of most SaaS offerings, people make their decision of paying for the product based on their experience of using it. The line between SaaS marketing and product marketing is becoming thin very quickly.
  4. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is an age-old technique and that should be your SaaS marketing starting point. But if you think, anyone can do, think again. It’s hard to find a good SEO resource/company who can give you rankings, quality traffic, and conversions and can keep up the work for a long time. Research and once you find them, don’t let them go.

And a final note, teamwork. Working with an agency? Make them responsible for results as you are. Having an in-house team, make a cohesive plan. Sales teams are not excluded from marketing. From your CEO to front-end developer, everyone has a role in SaaS marketing. As a SaaS business, you will need lots of traffic to your website, but of course, qualified traffic. If you are not getting it, your SaaS marketing needs a revision. Good luck!

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