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What is digital marketing? It’s not just several changes oriented to embrace technology within the organizations, it’s also a change in the business culture. It’s a human transformation. Worldwide spending on digital marketing and transformation technologies is expected to be nearly $1.3 trillion in 2018, an increase of 16.8% over the $1.1 trillion spent in 2017, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).

If you want to be part of the digital revolution, we recommend you to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Understand how to take advantage of technology
  2. Get digitally educated
  3. Embrace change
  4. Hire top digital talent or agency
  5. Adopt these 5 technologies now
  1. Understand how to take advantage of technology

Technology is there to transform your life. You got to go out and look for your ‘Uber moment’, not just your ‘Kodak moment’. What does it mean? Technology is no longer just about making a great product (like Kodak cameras were) but about creating solutions that can completely change the way we behave. When you and your company start exploring a new technology, try to understand how to take full advantage of it

  1. Get digitally educated

Technology evolves fast. Education is not optional. Keep learning every day. Even if you think that you know it all, probably your knowledge won’t be enough in a matter of months.

Take advantage of the thousands of sources of knowledge that you have at hand. Online courses, ebooks, youtube lessons, e-learning platforms, and more. You can outsource digital content generation to a digital agency.

  1. Embrace change

Some of the biggest names in the industry failed to succeed because they didn’t embrace change. Or when they did, it was too late. That was the case of the Canadian firm BlackBerry (formerly known as Research In Motion). They used to be the leaders of the smartphone market. But, they failed to understand the importance of the standards imposed by the iPhone in 2007. They got stuck with an old concept and took too long to embrace the changes brought by the new era: multitouch screens, apps, and a friendly smartphone thought for everyone and not just a niche. They ended up losing all of the smartphone markets. They had 20% of the market share by 2009. By 2016, they had 0%. If you want to embrace the digital transformation, be risky, be bold. Don’t be afraid of the ‘new kids on the block’. Be an early-adopter. You never know, you might find gold where others only see dust.

  1. Hire digital top talent or agency

Hire people or agency digitally-oriented. Look for specialists. Don’t settle with local talent. Freelancers or agencies like Miinfotech are more reachable than ever and they can work on your project from the other side of the world.

Use all the platforms available wisely (LinkedIn, MeetUp, TechHub) to attract the talent that you need.

  1. Adopt these 5 technologies now

If you haven’t adopted any of these technologies, you’re already late:

  1. Mobile and Mobile Marketing
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Cloud
  5. Analytics

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rkjha25 – December 21, 2018:

Some good content on how to market on this digital world

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