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An effective Email Campaign is the key to the success of any digital distribution effort. With a targeted and well-managed campaign, you can reach the right user group with the right message and create awareness of your offerings. Email marketing and sustained campaigns can all be used to stimulate demand, increase traffic to your website and drive membership and support for your organization. There are many useful techniques that can be deployed to maximize the effectiveness of any email campaign.

Miinfotech offers a full-service model that will simplify and optimize your email campaigns. We will assist you through the entire Email Campaign process, from campaign template design, list building and segmentation to deployment, tracking and revision. Whether you are new to the email game or a seasoned inbox veteran, we have expertise to offer. Miinfotech manages all types of email campaigns, from single deployments to complex, multi-message efforts. Our customer contact strategies are simple and effective, built on our ever-growing knowledge to deliver more engaging campaigns.

Service Offerings

Vision & Strategy Analysis

Audit and develop a blueprint of your campaign strategy.

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Segment and Template Design

Build segmented list based and develop campaign templates.

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Tracking and Delivery

Campaign analysis to focus on leads rather hitting against the wall.

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Benefits of Email Campaign Service

​We can maximize your ROI by helping you target the right individuals based on the requirements of your campaign. Our experts will act as sentinels who will scrutinize every possible aspect to ensure that your emails reach in the intended recipient’s inbox.

  • Maximize your marketing ROI
  • Build stronger pipeline
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve tracking & feedback
  • Drive more sales conversions

What does vision & strategy analysis include?

Based on an analysis of your business and marketing goals, our experts will design and develop a blueprint for email marketing success and take it to the next level. This will include both short-term and long-term marketing strategies.

What process is involved for segment and template design?

Miinfotech assists clients in building quality list from client’s database or its own database. With Email Template Creation, our designers use your layout and design requirements to create a unique template that reflects your business or organization.

How do you track campaign and deliver leads?

Miinfotech will track and deliver activity reports relating to data clicks, opens, bounces, and unsubscribe requests. We will provide analysis of campaign performance so that your sales team can focus on leads rather hitting against the wall.

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